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Tracifier presented at the Blockchain Europe UnConference event 2021:

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Tracifier presented at the Blockchain Europe UnConference event 2021:

Tracifier presented at the Blockchain Europe UnConference event. We had a fantastic two days engagement with 60+ experts and researchers at UnConference event organized by Blockchain Europe on 27-28th of April 2021. At UnConference, we challenged our business model and tried to find a better way of engaging with the supply network to the blockchain consortium. Also, we brainstormed about the advantages that end consumer will take by using our traceability solution.

On the first day of the conference, our Co-founder MinaKordi presented Tracifier and our current business model. Plus, she introduced our use case in details and how Tracifier will be used in the real business world. We introduced three personas of stakeholders in the supply chain, such as industrial farming company, local farmer, and food importer and raised the challenge of onboarding them in our blockchain consortium. Also, we research the kind of advantages those suppliers will take by sharing data with the rest of the supply chain network in a distributed ledger.
The second challenge of the first day was to find the kind of traceability information that end consumers need from brands and manufacturers and how those data can be available for them.

On the second day of the conference, we brainstormed around tokens and the advantage and disadvantage of using tokenization to incentivize stakeholder. Each Stakeholder in the supply chain has a different requirement and expectation of the token they want to receive. For example, farmers might use tokens to support their farming processes, such as machinery or financial awards, while manufacturers might want tokens as another way to better market reputation and build trust among their end consumers. 

But how to make a balance between expectations and offer a strategy that meets everyone’s need is a big challenge and require market research to find answers. At the final session of the UnConference, we challenge participants on the ways to measure the profit of blockchain projects.

At Tracifier, we will work further on ideas and feedback we recieved from participants to improve our business model and build a better traceability solution. Thank you, Blockchain Europe, for this opportunity and for inviting us to the UnConference event 🙂 

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