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Tracifier joined the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association network

Graphic provided by Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association network: Link 

We are happy to join the Canadian Blockchain Supply Chain Association network. Through this membership, we aim to strengthen our position in the Canadian market and network with related communities. A special thanks to Erik Valiquette to help us for this membership. Our Co-founder Jako Kordi will manage the communication with Canadian companies.
Good luck Jako 🙂 


About CBSCA: 


The CBSCA is the voice for the Canadian Supply Chain industry for Blockchain and other technologies. We believe in providing the Supply Chain community with:


  • The resources and global platform to develop the Canadian Data Standards 

  • To promote industry acceptance and to drive the adoption of   emerging   technology forward and

  • To serve as a resource for the industry


With the support of the industry, we provide the forum for individuals to collaborate and network with industry professionals during our Virtual Meetings, Webinars,  Conferences, and Workshops as we educate members on blockchain applications, solutions and distributed ledger technology (DLT)

Resource: link 

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