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Tracifier at the Oracle Blog: Cutting carbon with startup technology

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Happy International Women’s Day to all inspiring female founders worldwide!

The latest IPCC report has been dubbed a “code red for humanity” by the head of the UN, signaling the urgent need for action to address the issue of climate change. According to warnings from climate experts, temperatures are projected to rise to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels within the next two decades, unless significant reductions in carbon emissions are made.

Fortunately, members of Oracle for Startups are actively developing innovative solutions to help reduce carbon footprints, including creating environmentally friendly clouds and reducing energy costs.

At Tracifier we aim to develop #sustainability practices in agribusiness worldwide by supporting gender equality and bringing #transparency to supply chains.

“By bringing visibility to supply chains we highlight the important role of female workers in agribusiness and the equal ownership of access to agricultural resources for both men and women to increase agricultural output,” Mina Kordi.

Thank you Sarah Griffiths, Senior Writer at Oracle  for the great blog and mentioning Tracifier project.

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