In the era of transformative beauty commerce, the traditional landscape has undergone a seismic shift, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Once dominated by in-store experiences at retail giants like Sephora or Shoppers Drug Mart’s Beauty Boutique, the beauty industry has witnessed a paradigm shift with a remarkable 87% of beauty shoppers reporting equivalent or increased spending online compared to in-person purchases prior to the pandemic. Additionally, a noteworthy 57% of consumers made a significant portion of their beauty product purchases in 2020 from previously unexplored brands.

Embracing Smart Labeling: A New Frontier for Marketing

As the beauty market evolves, the integration of smart labelling emerges as a revolutionary marketing strategy, diverging from traditional approaches. Beauty brands are now challenged to adopt innovative technology to stay relevant, reach untapped audiences, and unlock new revenue streams.

Navigating the Pre-Search Phase with Smart Labeling

Understanding consumer behavior is pivotal for crafting effective marketing strategies. According to a Condé Nast-commissioned study by research firm Tapestry, beauty consumers spend an astounding 80% of their time in the pre-search phase of the purchase journey. This phase, characterized by informative content across multiple platforms, triggers purchasing decisions. Smart labeling facilitates this process by allowing consumers to access comprehensive product information beyond the label while shopping, enabling brands to share their narrative, product catalog, unique value proposition, sourcing, and other differentiators.

Capturing the Digital Shopper with Smart Labeling

In 2021, over 59.8% of cosmetic product sales were recorded from mobile devices, underscoring the need for brands to enhance their digital and mobile experiences. Smart labeling serves as a bridge between the physical product and the brand’s digital presence, making it imperative for CPG beauty and personal care brands to embrace this technology.

Gen Z: The Tech-Savvy Pioneers

Gen Z, the early adopters of health and beauty products, are the most self-educated and tech-savvy generation. Seeking personalized digital experiences powered by AI/AR technologies, they are willing to explore and virtually try on products before making a purchase.

Clean Beauty, Transparency, and Counterfeit Prevention with Smart Labeling

Consumers today are conscious of what they put on and in their bodies. Approximately 40% of consumers actively search for beauty products made with natural ingredients. Smart labeling comes to the rescue by simplifying the sharing of relevant information beyond the label, including details about product ingredients, sustainability, and sourcing.

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness with Smart Labeling

With beauty brands investing $7.7 billion in advertising in 2022, measuring campaign efficacy is paramount. Smart labeling provides a strategic method to gauge customer interactions with marketing materials, offering insights into engagement levels, sales acceleration, and product preferences.

Introducing Tracifier: Elevating the Beauty Experience with Smart Labeling

To navigate this transformative landscape, beauty brands must integrate smart labeling into their campaigns. Enter Tracifier, a game-changer that combines smart labeling with dynamic, contextual Storyline pages. This innovative platform allows beauty and personal care CPG brands to connect with customers through a cost-effective marketing channel, simplifying access to vital product information and ensuring complete transparency on sourcing, manufacturing, and sustainability.

Key Features of Tracifier:

  1. Smart Label Scans for Valuable Insights: Collect data, send promotions, and grow your customer base through smart label scans on packaging.
  2. Zero-Party Data Collection: Gather customer emails with Tracifier’s call-to-action functions, grabbing the attention of customers effortlessly.
  3. Promote Sustainability with Tracifier: Utilize Tracifier smart label-connected Storylines to communicate your commitment to sustainability, ingredient origins, and ethical sourcing.
  4. CPG Analytics: Capture customer data from every physical touchpoint, flowing directly into your CRM. Tracifier’s in-platform reporting and analytics eliminate the need for third-party retailers, providing a direct engagement channel and building an omnichannel view of your audience.

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