Who we are?

We are supply chain tech geekers ūüėČ

We work to shorten document processing lead times in the food supply chain process, decrease wait times, and enhance end-to-end contract visibility.

Tracifier is a project from MINAZ E-COMMERCE SERVICES UG- an innovative technology-driven Start-up from Hamburg, Germany.

Tracifier provides food traceability solutions by digitalizing transactions and tracking products at each step of the value chain process. The solution creates an efficient way of working across the supply chain, including growers, processors, shippers, retailers, regulators, and consumers and benefits all network participants with a safer, intelligent, and more sustainable supply chain ecosystem.

Our mission at Tracifier is to reduce yearly $50 billion food fraud in markets and develop sustainability practices in agribusiness worldwide by a blockchain-enabled system for provenance, traceability, and efficiency.

Build on blockchain technology, Tracifier enables authorized users to access actionable food supply chain data, from farm to store and ultimately the consumer. The complete history and real-time location of any individual food item and following information such as certifications, test data, and temperature data gathered via IoT sticks are readily available in seconds once uploaded onto the blockchain.

That provides participating companies with exceptional knowledge and a rich representation of the actual performance of the production processes. The possibility to share the common know-how about the supplying process improves the product and process performance with a combined approach, applicable not only to operational and production processes but also to the financial aspects that accompany the daily development of the business.

Delivering transparency and trust to the supply network, safer food, longer shelf lives, reduced waste, faster traceability, and better access to shared information is part of the benefits of using Tracifier track and trace. Tracifier empowers suppliers to meet the new standard for their supply chain management and deliver their practical and social promises to markets.

We build Tracifier’s solution based on Oracle‚Äôs Cloud Solutions. Utilizing the modularity, performance, privacy, and scalability of Hyperledger Fabric, the Oracle Blockchain Platform provides the necessary components for developing and operating enterprise blockchain solutions. Hyperledger Fabric provides core features to address the specific needs of a permissioned blockchain network with organizational membership from large and small businesses.¬†

Get to know the team Tracifier:

Mina Kordi

Marketing Manager and Co-founder with 6+ year experience

Jako Kordi

Food Technologist and Co-founder with 10+ years experience

Team Interviews

Take two minutes and listen to the podcast talking about Tracifier #traceability solution in the #food certificate markets and how #Oracle for Startups is helping us to build our application? 

We had a great #podcast_session with Michael Hickins and Barbara Darrow from #Oracle talking about our #blockchain_powered_traceability_solutions in Tracifier and the #entrepreneurial journey of our co-founder MinaKordi, as a #femalefounder.
As Michael Hickins correctly said: if you care about¬†#food_origins¬†or¬†#diersity, this episode is for you ūüėČ

Thanks to the #OracleForStartups program for supporting this session.


To all our #German-speaking community, if you have some time available, here is the link to our most recent #podcast record with our co-founder MinaKordi talking about the #blockchainsolutions in the food market and #tracifier business model. 

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