About Tracifier

Tracifier, a German and Canadian-based start-up, leverages technology to transform product transparency and communication.

Tracifier’s Product Transparency Wallet empowers brands to enhance customer engagement and build stronger connections through revolutionary information sharing. With real-time access to comprehensive details like sourcing, manufacturing, and sustainability practices, brands foster trust and informed purchasing decisions. Utilizing blockchain technology, Tracifier enables effortless product tracking and tracing, ensuring authenticity and combating counterfeits. By showcasing social responsibility, brands captivate customers and cultivate shared values. Direct engagement features allow personalized communication, delivering exclusive updates and content. This fosters lasting relationships, boosts customer satisfaction, and propels brands towards a customer-centric future.

We are contributing to the SDG goals 12.8- INFORMATION AND AWARENESS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (provide people everywhere with relevant information and awareness of sustainable development and a way of life in harmony with nature.) and 12.5 REDUCING WASTE GENERATION which is about (envisages a significant drop in waste by 2030 through prevention, reduction, recovery and reuse.) 

Our Vision:

to empower brands and consumers alike by promoting transparency through connected products and sharing economy.

Our Mission:

to help companies unlock the monetization potential of product data with our innovative approach, enabling the creation of clear and compelling story telling and communication concepts for their partners and end-customers.

Meet Tracifier co-Founders:

Mina Kordi

Co-founder and CEO - more than 7 years of marketing and communication and business development in Europe and Germany.

Jako Kordi

Co-founder and COO - Food technologist and business development manager with more than 10 years of experience in Europe and North American Market.

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