Tracifier Smart Labeling

A suitable solution for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to share the product transparency information with the market. 


Tracifier introduces an innovative solution aimed at closing the knowledge gap between consumers and vital product information, from allergens in food and beauty products to sustainability guidelines for appliances. Our user-friendly web application serves as a digital gateway, effortlessly connecting customers to crucial product details, empowering informed decisions, and providing brands with valuable insights into market behavior.

As a pioneer in smart labeling technology, Tracifier unveils the market’s first product transparency wallet exclusively designed for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. By tokenizing physical products, our solution offers end consumers access to the complete transparency journey of each item. This user-friendly app revolutionizes the point of purchase experience by delivering comprehensive information on sourcing, manufacturing, and sustainability practices, enabling consumers to shop more conscientiously.

At the core of Tracifier lies specialized labels embedded with RFID, NFC tags, or unique identifiers, encapsulating essential product information such as origin, manufacturing details, sustainability practices, and traceability guidelines. These labels ensure a permanent, tamper-proof digital identity for each product, traveling with it throughout its lifecycle.

For consumers, Tracifier’s labels offer unparalleled transparency and assurance regarding a product’s authenticity and quality. Scanning the label with a smartphone grants access to a wealth of information, spanning from the product’s origin to the sustainability practices employed during production.

Tracifier marks a pivotal shift towards transparency and accountability in supply chain management. Its multifaceted benefits not only enhance operational efficiency for businesses but also empower consumers with the necessary information for informed purchasing decisions.

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Together, let’s pave the way for a more transparent and sustainable future.

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