The growing demand for more transparent and accurate data in the food business market is undeniable.

Regardless of the annual business value of over $50 billion dollars, food fraud has been increasingly rising due to the complexity of the global trade system in the food market (Source: 1). As long there is a profit being made in between, the risk of falsification in the food trade market is considerable. Along with food safety issues, suppliers’ responsibility for the impact is remarkable, and any disruption or fake report can negatively affect the entire food industry.

The recently released data conducted by some of the European food safety authorities regarding the inspection of border checks in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and France shows that around 20% of transportations did not meet the hygiene rules at all. Also, more than 50% of the seafood products in France were officially recognized as a food fraud suspect due to inconsistency with hygienic rules. This led to 112 reports and destruction of around 18 tons of seized food (Source:2

The growing demand for more accurate and reliable data in the food business market is undeniable, which crosses from validation, verification, and certifying of the entire chain of food organizations from farm to fork. To address the problem, companies can be benefited by credible service providers with industry knowledge and expertise managing across the supply chain.

In Tracifier , we try to shrink document processing lead times, diminish wait times, and enhance end-to-end process visibility via digitalizing the collected data during the supply chain process. We deliver sophisticated traceability and analysis systems, perpetually driven to improve overall process efficiency by providing key insights into the food certification and production process. We enable our customers to develop higher performing, safer processes and products while protecting their assets, operators and the environment.  

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