Tracifier toward sustainability

Tracifier toward sustainibility

Tracifier is moving toward sustainability with the mission to reduce food waste. Our goal is to develop #sustainability practices by connecting technology to the industry and protecting our natural resources. It’s estimated that a third of all food produced ends up in the bin, and about 6-8% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if we prevent this waste.

By automating the #supplychain process we enable stakeholders:

  • to be agile in their business communication
  • track the history of their supply chain performance
  • help to remove intermediaries by direct connection between each supplier
  • execute suppliers development by the use of smart contract
  • and through digital auditing, inspection and certificate verification we measure the performance of suppliers from farm to fork.
  • reduce extra inventories
  • Simplified new product planning
  • Significantly decreased costs
  • Improved customer collaboration

All of this is only possible with collaboration between supply networks and using the suitable technology package including the #blockchain technology.

Using the blockchain technology empowered by the Oracle cloud at Tracifier, enable us to move toward our goal and our environmental commitments. Blockchain ensures data collected at every step of each customer’s supply chain is reliable and data analytics provide quick insights to supply chain key performance indicators. Oracle solutions provide us with the integrated tools to manage sustainability such as: sustainability reporting, sustainability analytics, environmental compliance, sustainable sourcing, logistic and manufacturing, etc to name some.

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The recent block from Oracle on how Blockchain can help the environment: