Supply chain transparency & document verification services.

Transparency application
Customer transparency solution

To gather supply chain data from enterprise systems and craft marketing concepts and communication around your product

The Solution

Tracifier leverages NFTs and AR technology to offer a state-of-the-art transparency solution for brands to share their story and engage with customers like never before. Customers can now experience a brand’s products in a more immersive way, discovering the unique features and ethical practices that go into each item, from sourcing to delivery. By fostering transparency, Tracifier builds trust and fosters a deeper connection between customers and their beloved brands.

See the product engagement before and after using Tracifier

product transparency
Just a normal product
Just a normal product
Great story behind the product
Great story behind the product
Brand storytelling: keep customers amazed by the product journey.

Capture data all in one platform

Tracifier collects data from your existing systems and creates a user journey concept based on market research for users.

Ground-breaking content creation

Tracifier creates a marketing and communication concept based on your product transparency journey and generates 3D photorealistic models to create content that will excite your customers and engage stakeholders.

Performance measuring & analytics

Tracifier provides customized analytics dashboards to measure and track the success of customer engagement. It also enables engagement through NFT tokens and coupons.

Transparency Is No Longer An Option; It’s A Must:


Enhance brand trust by offering comprehensive product information to customers.


Increase loyalty ​among end customers by offering product transparency information.


Influence end customers' purchasing decisions based on a brand's stance on social or political issues.

increase your customer influence by 10x through sharing the product’s story in an immersive way.

The Tracifier transparency solution links physical goods, assets, and collectables with unique, non-duplicable NFTs created on the blockchain, secure NFC tags, and Tracifier digital links. This integration enables your products to participate in the Web3 ecosystem. The experience can be enhanced for end customers through the use of immersive augmented reality technology.

Why to use NFT technology and AR?

Authenticity and Traceability:

NFTs can be used to track the authenticity and provenance of FMCG products. By creating a unique digital asset for each product, NFTs can be used to track its journey from production to the consumer, ensuring that the product is not counterfeit and has not been tampered with. This can help build trust between the manufacturer and the consumer.

Loyalty Programs:

NFTs can be used to create unique loyalty programs for FMCG products. For example, by issuing NFTs to customers for each purchase they made manufacturers can reward loyal customers with exclusive offers and discounts. This can incentivize customers to purchase more of their products, thereby increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Packaging & Award:

NFTs can be used to enhance the packaging and design of FMCG products. By creating unique digital assets for each product, manufacturers can incorporate interactive features and augmented reality into their product packaging. This can create a more engaging and memorable experience for the customer, which can lead to increased brand loyalty and sales.

Monetize your supply chain data by turning them into interactive communications campaigns!

We use your supply chain data to create valuable storytelling and communication concepts for your brand in the market, aimed at increasing customer loyalty.

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