We’re Delighted to Announce a New Sponsorship!

GALAB Laboratories GmbH sponsors the development of the Tracifier Blockchain Driven App. The goal of this sponsorship is to deliver blockchain-enabled solutions that will enhance its global appraisal, certification, and supply chain services to confirm the provenance of goods and/ or the integrity of digital records or services.

Globalization causes the movement of goods and services around the world to reach unexpected levels and global supply chains becoming increasingly interconnected. Organizations and consumers demand guarantees and want to trust the integrity of the claims that manufacturers and suppliers make regarding security compliance, the authenticity of their products, the origins of ingredients and materials, along with ethical labels such as ‘organic’ sourced’.

Together we create solutions for complex supply chains:

Established in 1992, Galab Laboratory is the biggest independent service laboratory for external quality control in Europe. It analyzes and evaluates food, industrial products, biopharmaceutical products, or the environment for substances or contaminants. GALAB conducts over 1,000,000 analyses worldwide and helps companies to adopt and cultivate the habits of excellence quality assurance and best practices. One of the essential services of GALAB is supply chain inspection and organic integrity in chain management. This service enables the European importer of organic products to get to know and understand the value chain of their suppliers in third countries and identify and minimize the risks of product mixes, contaminations, and pollution. By achieving this risk minimization, entrepreneurs who are within the scope of the EU organic regulation are fulfilling their obligations resulting from the most recent amendments to these regulations.

Building on GALAB’s expertise in compliance, supply chain inspection, assessment and certification with Tracifier blockchain-enabled technologies, support organizations the integrity and transparency of their global operations that their product and/or services claims are real, have been verified and can be trusted. Tracifier helps to build a traceability solution which is a monitoring and inspection tool from the early stages of sampling food products, chemical testing in laboratories, and monitoring and auditing the supplying process to the final consumer. The aim is to speed up the exchange of information among suppliers in real-time and help organizations to prove the integrity of their global operations that their product and/or services claims are real, have been verified and can be trusted. 

This is an exciting opportunity for Tracifier to develop a real working food traceability and certificate verification solution together with GALAB Laboratories in markets.

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Learn more about GALAB Laboratories GmbH: https://www.galab.com/