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Digital Transparency Platform for Managing, Proving and Communicating Product Traceability Journey and Environmental Impact Across Supply Chains Using Web.3 and NFTs

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Our Services

Tracifier collects and communicate trusted product information.


Collect Product Journey Data

Tracifier collects your existing supply chain data and creates concepts around the products based on the requested transparency solution from manufacturers.


Verify the authenticity of Documents

Tracifier verifies the authenticity of your trade documents and data via e-Signatures, OCRs and AI content detection and enables real-time document verification solutions.


Measure the sustainibility impact of products

Tracifier measures a product's sustainability impact by tracking its lifecycle and analyzing data on environmental, social, and economic factors. This information can be used to drive improvements in production processes and make informed decisions about product sustainability.

Product Transparency using Smart Labels

Tracifier connects product transparency info with the market via connected packaging and smart labels using blockchain to provide a digital identity for each product. This incentivises sustainable customer behavior and increase brand trust toward customers.

One smart label, various Use Cases

Tracifier offers various product transparency and supply chain traceability projects in the food and care industry segment. We use blockchain technology and benefit from the advantage of other solutions at the top such as AI ( Artificial Intelligence) , IoT ( Internet of things), connected packaging using RFID and NFC tags, and AR ( Augmented reality).

Connected Cosmetic Packaging Transparency

Tracifier helps care brands by connected packaging using NFC, RFID, and NFT tags and engage customers using AR solutions on the packaging. The technology provides data insights for future development and marketing strategies, while also increasing customer engagement.

Product Transparency Solution

Tracifier supports events and beverage producers by promoting the transparency solution in the packaging and smart labelling for customer engagement and promotes brand authenticity promises.

Trade Data Verification Solution

Tracifier Document Management System enable companies and authorities to e-Sign and collaborate on important trade as well as verify the authenticity of trade documents on real-time.

Product Traceability Solution

Tracifier's track and trace strategy provides supply chain visibility, helping brands ensure transparency and sustainability. This optimization benefits the environment and meets demand for sustainable products, giving brands a competitive edge.

Why to use the blockchain technology:

Increased security:

Blockchain's decentralized and encrypted nature helps prevent tampering and fraud, ensuring the integrity and transparency of transactions and information.

Smart Contracts:

Smart contracts on a blockchain can automate agreement execution, enforcing transparency in complex transactions.


The decentralized and immutable nature of blockchain enables transparent and verifiable transaction tracing, making it easier to track the flow of goods, services, and funds.

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