Digital Passports: Transforming Luxury and Consumer Trust in a Tech-Driven Era

Tracifier digital product passport

In an age where authenticity and transparency reign supreme, the luxury industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the advent of unique digital passports for high-end goods. This innovation reshapes how we authenticate and perceive luxury items, integrating digital authentication or smart labeling into products. Luxury brands are embracing these digital passports, not solely for […]

Product Transparency Matters


In the age of conscious consumerism, product transparency is paramount. According to #mckinsey and NielsenIQ, products with #esg -related claims have seen 28% growth in the past five years. Join us at Tracifier as we revolutionize transparency for #CPG ( Consumer Packaged Goods) brands with our innovative Product #transparency & #Sustainability Wallet. Elevate your brand’s transparency and empower your customers with Tracifier!Contact us today and book a […]