Supply chain transparency & document verification services.


Traditional supply chains are the reason for waste in the food industry.

One-third of all food produced each year is wasted or spoiled due to inefficiencies and fraud in the supply chain, leading to the emission of greenhouse gases when the food ends up in landfills. This, combined with the energy required to produce, transport, and store the food, contributes to 3 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

40% of food waste occurs in the supply chain because of a lack of visibility and transparency in the supply chain process. This means that companies cannot accurately monitor and manage their inventory, leading to overproduction and food spoilage. The lack of information sharing and collaboration across supply chain partners further exacerbates the issue. 

What makes the Tracifier solution innovative in terms of sustainability?

Tracifier offers suppliers a wide range of capabilities to design more sustainable business processes, source materials responsibly, and reduce environmental impact by minimizing energy use and waste. With the help of emerging technologies such as blockchain, big data, and the Internet of Things, Tracifier enables physical assets and value chains to operate more efficiently. By utilizing these advanced technologies, Tracifier’s users can make a significant impact on the environment while conducting their business.


Tracifier commitment to SDG goals:

SDG (15): Life On Land

Wasting food implies the loss of valuable resources used to produce it, including natural resources, water, minerals, human labor, and energy. Tracifier aims to optimize supply chain efficiency, thereby protecting natural resources from waste and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 15, which promotes life and land conservation.

SDG (12): responsible consumption

Tracifier's track and trace solution optimizes supply chain processes, ensuring that products are produced and consumed sustainably, which contributes to the achievement of SDG 12. By utilizing blockchain technology, Tracifier provides transparency and traceability, enabling companies to identify inefficiencies and reduce waste in their supply chains. This promotes sustainable consumption and production patterns, reducing the impact on the environment and improving resource efficiency. Tracifier's solution also supports the implementation of circular economy practices, reducing waste and encouraging the reuse and recycling of materials.

SDG (2): zero hunger

Tracifier's optimization of the supply chain process helps to prevent food waste, making more food available for feeding people around the world. This is especially important for vulnerable populations who may face hunger or food insecurity. By improving efficiency, Tracifier also supports agricultural and manufacturing workers, ensuring they have consistent work and can avoid falling into poverty or hunger themselves. Ultimately, Tracifier's efforts help to achieve both SDG 2 (Zero Hunger).

Tracifier, the Gaia Award for Excellence in Sustainability Winner 2021:

Tracifier is honored to be the recipient of the 2021 Gaia Award for Excellence in Sustainability, recognizing our commitment to sustainable business practices and the use of green technology, Oracle blockchain technology, and Oracle cloud solutions. This award is a testament to our business vision and dedication to promoting sustainability.

Oracle recognized customers with the 2021 Gaia Awards for Innovation in Sustainability for their efforts to spur new forms of environmental progress. These organizations showcased how to keep environmental stewardship in mind by making innovative business decisions using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and advanced technologies such as AI, big data and Internet of Things.